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itembase - Free Business Insights


What is itembase?

A simple to digest solution that will help you analyse matters of your business that need your attention the most. The best part - You can always compare yourself to the competition. Learn more about your business, and understand what your results mean in regards to the industry as a whole.


Please check our extensive user manual for more information.


What we offer:

  • Measuring store performance in Sales, Marketing & Customer Satisfaction
  • Benchmarking to other industry players based on size, volume of sales, and category
  • On-the-phone consultations based on results gathered in your personal Dashboard
  • Helping you identify what"next step" to take in order to scale your business


What is included?

FREE - Business Insights Dashboard: Keeping track of everything that happens in and around your store
FREE - On-the-phone Consultation: Helping you decide what your next best move is
PREMIUM - Reconnect: Automated Email marketing tool that turns inactive shoppers into long-term customers (€0.10 per transaction) - Learn more at


What makes itembase unique?

itembase allows your shoppers to automatically secure their online purchase history on one centralised hub (, helping them remember your store and keeping a copy of every receipt, warranty and manual.

Connecting with itembase will give your shoppers the opportunity to use itembase at the end of every purchase. This unique communication provides fluid aftersales and improved return customer rates.


Note: This feature will soon be activated for Lightspeed and your customers (in September).


  • itembase - Free Business Insights
  • itembase - Free Business Insights
  • itembase - Free Business Insights